Your Legal Friend Reviews

My first request, in my opinion, was treated with professionalism and respect. Although I called from the hospital on the way to a friend who had experienced something similar. I never felt inadequate, even though I was ill-prepared for the many questions that needed to be asked. Whatever the outcome, I`m glad I made the call. With so many intermediaries, such as legal marketing panels seen on TV and claims management companies (CMCs), it can be difficult to tell which companies are truly experienced. Whichever you choose, look for their SRA number to check if they are properly regulated by the Solicitor`s Regulation Authority (SRA). Your legal friend is a trading name of 2020 Legal Limited and our SRA ID is 560671. My lawyer was awesome, he went above and beyond! He answered all my questions. He made sure he cut all my bills so I could get more out of my case.

He checked me in once a week to keep me updated on the status of my case! Rosenberg`s law firm is awesome and I would recommend you to my family and friends!! In 2016, we appointed Claire Critchley to lead our new financial, real estate and professional claims team, reinforcing our commitment to providing high quality legal services. If you claim this company, you can update and control your profile information. “I was hit by a reckless driver. Let me start with the basics, I was involved in a car accident that I thought was an open/closed case. The same days, a few hours later, me and my son, who was in the vehicle, started to feel pain in his back, neck, nausea and I spoke with a very slow speech as if I was in slow motion and we both felt very sleepy, happy that my husband was home and realized that this is not normal. He took us to the emergency room and from that moment on, everything went downhill for me. I suffered so much, lost memories, constant pain, my voice, my self-confidence and so much more. My husband found Scott on Google made an appointment to see Scott and was very happy with him.

Scott and his staff provided excellent service and demonstrated professionalism, care and personal attention to every detail of my case. Scott`s attitude towards the work he does is impeccable, he and his staff have been very informative in answering my questions and concerns, very accommodating and alleviating my concerns. Scott worked diligently on my case, saving me tons of money on my medical bills by reducing them as much as possible and having all my medical bills paid, and I got a handsome amount for myself. Thanks to Scott and his staff who committed to reducing my bills, I am very pleased with the amount I received. Overall, I recommend Scott to be honest and caring and committed to having a firm determination and determination to achieve your best interests. “~Hanna As part of our claims process, we always start with a free phone consultation. This is an opportunity for one of our call handlers to investigate your situation and let you know if we believe you have a claim or not. While we don`t offer free legal advice, we can give you advice on where to find more information if we`re not able to help. If we think you have a complaint and we want us to help you, we work on a “no profit, no cost” basis. In 2013, we launched our new friendly name Your Legal Friend.

You may have seen commercials on television or in newspapers, or heard our ads on the radio. We now provide legal services to clients affected by medical negligence, professional negligence, class actions, holiday sickness and occupational accidents and illnesses. We continue to provide legal advice to clients affected by motor vehicle accidents and slips, trips and falls beyond their control. We work according to the motto “no win no fee”. This means that there are no fees to pay in advance for our services, and if we do not obtain payment for you, no fees will have to be paid. The only exception is if you make a claim fraudulently, do not cooperate with us or withdraw your claim. “I have no comment on how I can improve your service, but I would like to comment on the excellent service and communication I have had from Kimberley.” “I have known Scott for many years and have seen him successfully help his clients with personal injuries. The day came when I had to call him and ask him to help my sister, who was involved in a car accident.

I called him on a Saturday afternoon, expecting to leave a voicemail to pick up on Monday. Scott immediately called me back and said, I`m going to talk to your sister now, let her call me. That was just the beginning, from the moment she spoke to him and her first consultation in her office, she began to sing her praises of professionalism and confidence in being able to help him. She was in physical pain and of course the doctors had to take care of her, but she was also emotionally traumatized by the accident and the uncertainty of what was going to happen. Scott and his team were there for her every step of the way, really helping her bring her to a resting place so healing could begin. Thank you for helping my sister and for all you do to serve others. I will continue to recommend family, friends and clients who need your services. Helping him really helped. “~Wilkerson Insurance Agent “Scott is a super professional and knowledgeable person! He was able to answer all my questions and was very friendly and understanding! I absolutely recommend it! ~ Natali “If you need legal advice, with understanding and compassion, Snellings Law should be your first port of call. This will be your only stop.

Scott Snellings is very knowledgeable, tough, firm and fully listens to what you have to say. Whatever the extent of the injury you or someone you love, please call Scott. He will give you the right care, advice, advice and care. Get help today with someone who really wants the best for you. “~Donny your people are very pleasant and easy to hear and take your details and statements. I have been contacted by your lawyers who have registered my data and I am waiting for my declaration by email so that I can read it and modify it if necessary. Thank you “I have known Scott for years, both professionally and personally. He is intelligent and hard-working and a true asset to the Collin County legal community.

“~Mark Currently, they are still waiting to resolve my claim after 10 months, they decided to tell me that my insurance does not cover legal fees, even though I have legal protection, so I have to pay 25%, why didn`t they tell me this 10 months ago, shouldn`t it be the first thing they find out???????? Hi Allan, thank you for your comments. I am sorry to hear that you believe that we have failed you; Provide the highest level of customer service.