Why Do I Need Legal Advice

Here are some questions you may want to ask a lawyer you`ve turned to for legal advice so you can feel comfortable in their position to provide the advice and represent you later: Seniors Care Locator – Enter your postal code to find local offices for legal and aging service organizations. A recent New York Times op-ed titled “Everyone Needs Legal Help. That doesn`t mean everyone needs a lawyer,” says Rebecca Sandefur, a sociologist whose career has focused on studying law. The “ingenious” MacArthur Scholarship she received for her work is proof that you don`t need a legal license to make meaningful statements about the legal profession/industry. Joshua Browder, a computer science student and entrepreneur at Stanford, has helped hundreds of thousands of consumers, initially with his DoNotPay chatbot, designed to contest parking tickets. Browder recently launched Legal Robot, which he says will replace “25,000 exploitative lawyers” with bots that can answer questions with appropriate human emotions powered by artificial intelligence. Robot Lisa, the “offspring” of British lawyer and entrepreneur Chrissie Lightfoot, is “the world`s first impartial lawyer.” Lisa creates a level playing field and helps lay people understand key legal and business principles, draft legally binding foundational documents, and determine whether legal parameters have been met. In many ways, Lisa is the technological embodiment of Sandefur`s drive to achieve “just solutions” without lawyers. The difference between legal information and legal advice is so important that many law firms and individual lawyers have a disclaimer on their website. This disclaimer may state that the content of its website does not constitute legal advice and that appropriate advice must be agreed upon or that a customer relationship must be established in order to receive legal advice. Legal information, on the other hand, can be provided by anyone familiar with the law. It is simply an explanation of what the law is, without applying it to your particular situation, and leaves it up to you to decide how you want to proceed. Given the cost of hiring a lawyer, it`s good to know when you need legal advice and when you simply need legal information.

Armed Forces Legal Assistance – Find nearby military facilities with legal aid offices. In addition to asking friends and family for the name of a good lawyer or checking the phone book, you can find legal help online. If you are looking for legal advice, you may see sources claiming to provide legal information, which is not the same thing. Here are the main differences between the two: LawHelp.org – Find free legal aid programs in your community. Here you will find information about your legal rights by topic, e.g. housing, divorce, family allowances and debt collection. Brandon is a great lawyer® from Texas, which means he`s in the top 2.5% of lawyers in his state. He designed his firm to provide businesses and entrepreneurs with a unique ecosystem of legal support services, derived from his experience as a federal district attorney, published biochemist, and industry speaker. Brandon is fluent in Spanish, an Eagle Scout and is actively involved with youth in his community. He likes to advocate for his clients and believes he will never decide to retire. If you need further help with your legal matter, you should consult a qualified and licensed lawyer. A lawyer can help you navigate complex legal issues and advise you on the best course of action, whether it`s litigation, informal settlement negotiations, or a settlement claim.

If you are sued or believe you need to sue someone for a contentious legal issue, a lawyer can help. As you can see, legal advice is not to be taken lightly. Whether it`s creating a legal contract or finding a lawyer to help you with civil litigation, it`s important to talk to someone who has the license and work experience you need. There are several other types of help lawyers can offer, but as you go through the legal system, you should at least make sure you get detailed legal advice from a lawyer about your issues. Unlike legal information, legal advice refers to written or oral legal assistance in a legal case that would infringe the rights and obligations of the person receiving the advice. In addition, real legal advice requires careful analysis of the law as it applies to a person`s particular situation – as opposed to speculation based on general facts. From a legal point of view, legal advice is synonymous with the practice of law, and only a licensed lawyer with whom a legal relationship has been entered into can give real legal advice. Due to the obligations arising from the provision of such legal advice, the adviser is also bound by certain rights and obligations on the basis of the information provided.

Pension Entitlement Centre – Get free legal help if you have problems with your pension, profit-sharing or retirement savings. If you are over 60, a Veteran, a victim or survivor of domestic violence or sexual assault, or a parent who has problems with visits or CPS, there are programs that can provide free legal aid, regardless of your income level. Click on the link below for more information about these programs. Everyone should have access to a lawyer to help them solve legal problems. A legal opinion is written or oral advice on a legal issue that affects the responsibilities and rights of the person receiving it. This often requires careful knowledge and analysis of the law. Legal advice is an essential function of the lawyer and is synonymous with the practice of law. Legal advice requires legal training and knowledge and affects the legal rights of the recipient. It also creates a solicitor-client relationship. Sandefur is acutely aware of and unhindered by the cultural biases of the legal profession – a self-selective, self-sustaining, isolated, homogeneous, protectionist and monopolistic guild.

Lawyers have long determined what is “legal” and have created language, rules, regulatory systems, and business models designed to reinforce the myth of legal exceptionalism. Sandefur lays out the record of this culture – an unequal and exclusionary justice system that leads to widespread unresolved justice problems, the erosion of the rule of law, and the false impression that only lawyers can solve these problems. Their goal is to tackle the problem rather than reconfigure the traditional paradigm of legal enforcement to progressively achieve better results. Is your proposal too radical? It is increasingly clear that the market is receptive to Sandefur`s call for a paradigm shift, and consumers are increasingly indifferent to the stubborn opposition of the legal profession. LegalZoom (LZ) provides “fair solutions” to millions of individuals and SMEs and has a significantly higher Net Promoter Score (NPS) than white shoe companies. The company replaced the binary advocacy process – retaining a lawyer or without representation – with a number of options.