Spain Legal Drinking Age

It is legal to consume alcohol in Spain while it is supervised by parents. The age of alcohol consumption varies from country to country and when planning a trip to Spain, it is important to understand what can and cannot be done. This becomes especially important in a country like Spain, where the legal drinking age in Spain and the culture of alcohol consumption in the country are two very different things. So, if you plan to travel to Spain and enjoy the incredible culture of bars and drinks that the country enjoys, it is good to understand the peculiarities and avoid difficulties. In this article we will cover the age of alcohol consumption in Spain so that you can plan your trip without surprises. More interesting tips for traveling to Spain can also be found in our special section. When it comes to drinking in restaurants and bars, as long as you are supervised by elderly people, the waiters will serve the minors without question. You may have to order them for yourself, but as long as you don`t overdo it and put the establishment in danger of being punished, you should be fine. Spain is a popular holiday destination, and for many people, that means enjoying a few drinks and soaking up the sun.

For others, however, it means excessive alcohol consumption and perhaps even the use of illegal substances, which can lead them to end up on the wrong side of Spain`s drug and alcohol laws. Unfortunately, some Britons see Spain as a fairly liberal and open place to drink and party without consequences, but it is easy for them to clash with the Spanish authorities, who often do not hesitate to put drunk tourists in cells at night. Here is some information about the laws surrounding alcohol and drug use in Spain to help you avoid legal problems. There is technically no age limit for drinking at home. As long as an adult has purchased the drink, minors can consume as long as they are at home and safe. We don`t recommend it, but it`s very unlikely that the police will check, unless the neighbors call because of noise, etc. The minimum age to legally drink alcohol in Spain is 18, as in many other countries. Spain is one of the best places in the world to enjoy a cold drink. The country is famous for its bars, taverns and terrazas and enjoys countless festivals that make underage drinking very common, but are still frowned upon. Another general law to keep in mind — especially if you plan to meet a lot of women and men on vacation or want to have a holiday romance — is the legal age of sexual consent, which is sixteen. If you want to meet someone and get together, make sure they`re old enough.

If you`re not sure in any way, play it safe. Sometimes young girls or boys may seem older than you think, so it`s important to be careful, aware, and most importantly, responsible. Also, you should know that it is illegal for someone to pay for sex with someone under the age of eighteen. These laws also apply to heterosexuals and homosexuals. In Spain, each state or region must comply with the law on the legal drinking age of 18. No exemption. There is no situation where you should drink and drive. Period.

The legal limit is 250 micrograms of alcohol per liter for a breathalyzer test and 0.5 grams per liter in your bloodstream if you had to have a blood test. If you have been driving for 2 years or less, the amount allowed in a breathalyzer test is 150 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath. The legal minimum age is 18, but is not strictly enforced. In Spain, the national minimum age for the purchase and consumption of alcohol is 16 years. The legal drinking age in Spain was 16, but there are many incidents of drunk and wasted teenagers, so in 2009 they changed the law and raised the legal drinking age nationwide to 18. Also, if you try to buy alcohol in a store after 10pm in Spain, you will be turned away. The sale of alcohol after 10 p.m. is illegal in Spain. It is possible to find stores that sell you alcohol after 10 years, but it is 100% illegal and if you get caught, you will be punished.