Smu Law School Admissions Deadline

Shortly after admission, you will receive your SMU email address, ID number and temporary password. All this information will be emailed to you by the Admissions Office. You will continue to receive emails from the admissions office at the email address you provided in your law school application, but the University, and in particular the Financial Aid Office, will only send emails regarding your EMS registration to your EMS email account. The SHIP waiver deadline for fall 2022 will be announced at a later date. Register to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Registration documents and test dates can be found at Register with LSAC`s Credential Matching Service (CAS). Registration for the CAS can be done at the same time as registration for the LSAT. Please note that LSAC does not send a report to a law school until it has received transcripts from each undergraduate institution you attended, including summer sessions and semesters abroad. You will also have to pay any necessary fees. The SMU LSAC code is 6660.

While exceptions may be made in special circumstances, an incoming student must have obtained a bachelor`s degree from an accredited college or university before enrolling in the Faculty of Law. The Faculty of Law does not prescribe a fixed program of pre-law studies, but reviews each applicant`s records to determine whether the undergraduate courses taken reflect adequate preparation for the study of law. The student should pursue a well-rounded curriculum with particular attention to developing analytical skills and ease and style in the use of the English language. All SMU law students are also required to notify the school (by email to with your LSAC number in the email) of any criminal or disciplinary matters that arise before or after admission and during their registration. This includes any quotes or fees that are not Class C traffic violations. If you have been named or charged with a violation of the law (regardless of the decision) or if you have been disciplined by the school, you must send an email to the admissions office to amend your application. Failure to amend your application as described above may result in the revocation of your admission. The alumni catalogue contains information about the university and the eight SMU schools that offer graduate degrees. Information about each school and its programs is accessible via the navigation links in the left-hand menu. The American Bar Association (ABA) requires that your official transcript from your bachelor`s institution be included in your law school record.

This must be an official transcript showing that your bachelor`s degree was awarded and the date of graduation. You will not be enrolled in courses if we do not receive your certificate by June 15, 2022. Does EMS offer registration in the spring? New Young Women students cannot register until August. Transfer and guest students are considered each semester. On average, SMU multiple LSAT values? No. We use an applicant`s highest LSAT score for admission and scholarship purposes. How can I learn more about SMU? You can request that documents be sent to you, meet with an advisor or visit the law school campus. For more information, please call the admissions office at 214-768-2550 or email us at When are applications accepted? We will start accepting applications in September. The normal application deadline is March 1, but late applications will be considered based on space availability.

What is the average LSAT score and the cumulative baccalaureate average for the first year? The class, which enrolled in the fall of 2021, has a median LSAT score of 163 and an undergraduate median average of 3.76. LSAT/UGPA medians were calculated by the Law School Admission Council based on registration lists provided to the American Bar Association School of Law. We are pleased that you are considering the SMU Dedman School of Law for your legal education. For nearly 100 years, this law school has trained women and men to become leading lawyers in business and law, nationally and internationally. J.D. and graduate program requirements and application requirements are below. Southern Methodist University (SMU) does not discriminate in employment practices, educational programs, educational activities, or admissions based on race, color, religion, national origin, ethnic origin, sex, age, disability, genetic information, or veteran status. SMU`s commitment to equal opportunities includes non-discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

The Executive Director for Access and Equal Opportunities/Coordinator of Title IX1 shall be designated to deal with requests for anti-discrimination measures, including the prohibition of discrimination on grounds of sex under Title IX. The Executive Director/Title IX Coordinator may be contacted at the Perkins Administration Building, Room 204, 6425 Boaz Lane, Dallas, TX 75205, 214-768-3601, Inquiries regarding the application of Title IX may also be directed to the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education. SMU Dedman Law offers a three-year J.D. program (see application requirements below). We also offer two joint degrees, a J.D. / M.B.A. offered jointly by the School of Law and the Cox School of Business, and a J.D./M.A. in Economics offered jointly by the School of Law and the Department of SMU Economics at Dedman College.

To reserve your place for the course that begins in the fall of 2022, a non-refundable deposit of $750.00 is required before the date notified to you upon admission. The deposit will be credited to your study and fees account. Failure to meet your deadline may result in the loss of your seat. Your deposit can be paid by credit card to: does EMS accept GRE for admission purposes? Yes, BUT we can only accept the GRE for admission purposes for students who have not yet completed the LSAT. The goal of our admissions process is to identify candidates who will thrive at SMU`s Dedman School of Law and earn a distinct lifetime benefit through a Dedman Law degree. The application process is an opportunity to see yourself as a whole person. We want to know something about you and your services. The goal of our admissions process is to identify candidates who thrive in law school and earn a distinct lifetime benefit through a Dedman law degree. The application process is an opportunity to see yourself as a whole person.

We want to know something about you and your services. Throughout the admissions process, the admissions office will strive to provide you with prompt and one-on-one support. Each application is read in its entirety; No decision is made on the “numbers” alone. When evaluating an application, we look for well-rounded students who have a proven track record of academic success and enrich our entire educational community. Professional and personal experience are also valuable elements of an application. See the admissions guidelines for the SMU Dedman School of Law. International students practicing law in that country and wishing to be admitted to the bar in one of the states or the District of Columbia should familiarize themselves with the requirements for admission to the bar in the particular jurisdiction in which they wish to practice. Admission to the bar varies from state to state.

Some states require applicants to have a JD degree, and others require only a certain number of course credits from a law school in that country. Texas now allows foreign-educated qualified attorneys who have an LL.M. degree for the Texas Bar exam. For full Texas State Bar admission rules, CLICK HERE. For more information on the eligibility of internationally trained candidates and foreign attorneys to write the Texas Bar exam, CLICK HERE. Please also review any other material you have received in your admitted student email. If you require copies of the documents again, please contact the admissions office at 214-768-2550. All new international students must attend a mandatory government records registration session and complete an online compliance course for international students at SMU`s Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS).

The dates of the meetings will be set soon. Applications and supporting documents, including your CAS report, must be received by March 1. We accept the February LSAT for regular decision, even if results are published after March 1, provided your application and all other supporting documents have been received by March 1. We will notify you by the end of April that your application has been accepted, rejected or placed on a waiting list. Texas state law requires that any student entering a Texas college or university before the age of 22 be immune to bacterial meningitis before attending classes. The university will suspend your account and you will not be allowed to enroll in courses if you are under the age of 22 and have not received your meningitis vaccine. You must submit proof of vaccination to the Dr. Bob Smith Health Centre. If you have any questions or need additional information, please click here or contact Dr. Bob Smith Health Center at 214-768-2141. Note: Students follow programs of study included in the catalogs at the time they enter SMU. Archived catalogues of graduates from previous years can be found on the Office of the Registrar`s website.

Applications for LL.M. programs will be processed continuously from the beginning of December. It is in your best interest to submit your application as soon as possible. Applications must be postmarked by April 1. All receipts must be received by April 15. Late requests are subject to availability. Applications are reviewed once completed and decisions are made shortly thereafter.