Rule 39(3) of Ccs(Leave) Rules 1972

In addition, no holiday pay shall be recovered under subparagraphs (a) or (b) if the staff member takes early retirement in accordance with Rule 48(1)(b) of the Central Civil Service (Pensions) Regulations 1972, or retires under basic rule 56(j) or Basic Rule 56(i). NOTE. – The possibility of crediting the unused portion of the enrolment period is permitted for persons working in leave services in accordance with the provisions of sub-rule 26 (ii) of paragraph (a).] FAQ CCS (Cong) Rules, 1972: Law, Cashing Leave, Education Leave, Paternity Leave, Parental Leave – Leave Rules updated until 30.08.2018 by DoP&T (1) (a) A trainee worker shall be entitled to leave under this Regulation if he has performed his duties in terms of content other than the probationary period. DoPT O.M. (b) If the amount of leave already taken by an official dismissed or who dies in the course of service exceeds the holiday allowance provided for in Rule 27(2)(b), the overpayment of holiday pay shall be recovered in that case. 3. (a) Where an official is granted extraordinary leave by way of derogation from paragraph 2(e), he shall be required to sign a guarantee certificate No 6 in which he undertakes to reimburse the Government for the actual amount of expenses incurred by the Government during such leave, plus expenses incurred by any other body having interest thereon: if he does not return to service at the end of that leave or if he ceases to serve before the expiry of a period of three years from his return to service. 40(1) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (7), a public servant who takes earned leave is entitled to leave pay equal to the salary received immediately before taking the leave earned.