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All STORM road vehicles are approved and registered as 2-seater vehicles and are allowed to carry 2 people on the road. Supplied with an instruction manual covering all aspects, from pre-trip safety checks to detailed maintenance and repair instructions and the EC Certificate of Conformity (COC) Fully approved for road use in any EC country – compliant with Directive 97/24/EC Only specialist insurance brokers cover a four-wheeled vehicle for road use, Please use our special insurance links page for interesting discount packages. We have received feedback from our customers that insurance starts as low as £100! Unfortunately, road-approved strollers are not exempt from the London Congestion Charge. To drive your legal buggy or quad on the road, you need to follow a few simple steps, just like with a car. These milestones are – insurance, DVLA registration and road fund license (road tax) In the case of off-road use, it is also recommended to wear additional safety clothing, which should consist of protective gloves, boots and appropriate clothing covering all areas of the body. The new sport suspension with coil springs lowers the buggy by 70 mm and is combined with an improved track width of 60 mm, which has been adapted exclusively to the new Joyner 800i. Equipped with high-quality Maxxis tires resting on 14-inch alloy wheels, this boy`s toy ensures a fantastic driving experience on winding roads and any off-road terrain you dare to challenge. Off-road buggies are intended exclusively for off-road use on private property or on special off-road roads. An off-road buggy should NEVER be taken on a public road. This machine is discounted in price and has been used very easily as a show vehicle, the machine is still in fantastic new condition. You will always be classified as the first owner when you sign up for the route – once registered MOT not required for 3 years. ALWAYS wear an appropriate helmet and use additional eye protection if the helmet does not have a factory-mounted visor. Since the Quadricycle falls into the PLG (Private Light Goods) classification, there is no legal obligation to wear safety equipment.

STORM strongly recommends the use of at least one helmet and eye protection for the driver and passenger when operating the buggy on public roads. Perfectly happy on or off-road, this buggy is the most established buggy in its class and is sold in large quantities worldwide. Not only will this machine beat any comparable “side-by-side” machine in its class, but its low center of gravity will easily outperform the competition on winding off-road products! Joyner has been doing this for 10 years and has gained considerable recognition around the world, including a number of recent off-road rally victories. The main warehouse of Storm Buggies/Performance Toys Ltd with a full range of on-road and off-road buggies is located in East Sussex, about 1 hour from London and only 20 minutes from Gatwick Airport. Storm does not purchase insurance directly, but please visit our special insurance page for the best UK deals on road transport strollers and quad insurance. Street buggies are, as the name suggests, completely legal on the street! This is achieved through rigorous testing to obtain EEC roadside approval. Once this is done, the manufacturer can equip the buggy with a COC (certificate of conformity) for road homologated use. Unlike many other buggies on the market that contain unknown brands of Chinese engines that often fail and are not supported by backup and spare parts supply. The new Joyner 800i buggy is powered by a modern 812cc “Chery Automotive” car engine. Never heard of Chery Automotive? Be sure to Google and you`ll see that they are part of a joint venture with the British group Jaguar Land Rover! I`m still wary of quads now because few are actually less than 15kw, certainly not all Raptors listening around everywhere. STORM has a large stock of standard parts, please visit our spare parts page for more information.

An approximate conversion of KW to horsepower gives 20hp, some 650cc engines do not give much power. So, according to the inspection manual page 3, 2nd column, lower paragraph. It is acceptable to require the speaker to provide documentary evidence of the performance. Yes, please contact us with your company details and we will be happy to offer you trading prices for all our products. For more information, please visit our new “Trading Only” page. Before purchasing this product, please read our Terms and Conditions to ensure that this product is suitable for your needs. I had this problem at work, and after a few phone calls, I got the certificate of conformity faxed on the confirmation that what I was watching was limited to 15kw. 2,344+ items sold. 0% negative comments. Great seller with very good positive reviews and more than 50 reviews. Developer: diagnosticsukirl ✉️ (2,344) 100%, Location: Enniskillen, Fermanagh, UK, Deliveries to: GB, Item: 302847667240 Rage R150 Road Legal Buggy – MOT March 19 – Off-road wheels + INC Quaife tires. In order to comply with the regulations for four wheels, the product must have a maximum unladen mass of 400 kg and a maximum power of 15 kW.

What is the difference between a four-wheeled vehicle and a buggy? The new 2016 Joyner 800i has a number of key improvements, including a powder-coated frame for the automotive standard that should never rust or be damaged. Teflon bushes and fat nipples on the A arms. A redesigned frame and a number of improved and reinforced components throughout the vehicle. Unfortunately no, in order to comply with European vehicle legislation, the vehicle must be a standard model and approved by the manufacturer or importer. The driver and front passenger must wear appropriate protective clothing at all times.