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r/AusLaw – With 19k+ members, r/Auslaw is home to a vibrant community discussing law and the legal profession in Australia. We hear that r/AusLaw sometimes fights with r/Australia, which seems very Australian to us. r/UKLaw – This subreddit for practising lawyers in the UK is intended to discuss interesting UK case law and legislation, as well as discuss the legal profession as a whole. EDIT: This is more of a post out of curiosity. I wonder if there are basic safeguards that the public does not know or forget to implement. No legal advice is drawn from this thread without first consulting a real lawyer. Hi all, please check out the rover`s subreddit for the adtl context. To discuss hypothetical legal issues or other off-topic legal issues, please visit Legaladviceofftopic. Meanwhile, my wife and I were placing ads for homes and had to take an offer we had made for a house and stop buying a house because we had no money and no indication as to whether it would be returned. Obviously, no one can provide legal assistance here. But does anyone have experience with something like that? Do I have something I should probably contact a lawyer for? r/talesfromthelaw- “A friendly place for everyone in the legal world to share their best stories about business, clients, crappy plea deals or anything that ruined your Monday.

All are welcome: lawyers, judges, employees, social workers, victim advocates, document review specialists. Laugh with us! *For help in Ireland, please visit /r/legaladviceireland Yes, just because an actor playing a criminal leader on a fictional TV show does something doesn`t mean it`s legal or advisable. This is especially true since Tony Soprano traditionally did not care about what was legal or ethical, or the impact of his own actions. r/Law- A public subreddit with 114k+ members that reports news on legal developments. Strong emphasis on U.S. law and U.S. political developments covering the legal system. A place to ask simple legal questions. The advice provided herein is for informational purposes only and should not be considered definitive or official advice. Contact a local lawyer to get the best answer to your questions. It is difficult to choose a single piece of advice that is the most important. As someone who works in the legal field, it would be difficult to find a better answer than this.

The reason lawyers so often recommend resolving disputes is because they know that as soon as you walk into a courtroom, crazy happens. Not taking legal advice from Reddit would be great. Edit: Also, don`t take legal advice from people who aren`t lawyers or random websites on the internet. I don`t care where you heard that you should not have a breath test under any circumstances, but I can almost guarantee you that it was not from a qualified lawyer. Right. And there`s also a problem when the guy you just talked to goes to court, realizes he needs a lawyer, and when asked who represents him, he says, “Uh-oh, I need a lawyer, I recently talked to this lawyer,, I say CarsonCity314 and he`s not here right now.” Wait, what? Ruh raw. Now the judge is angry with CarsonCity314 and you have to waste at least a billable hour saying, “No, I never agreed to be that guy`s lawyer, I just gave him free advice.” This can quickly snowball, time and trouble concerning and annoy people that the lawyer does not want to annoy. r/BadLegalAdvice – Highlights bad or incorrect legal advice on Reddit and beyond. As the community said, “If someone offers bad legal advice, refer them to us.

EDIT: I thought of this wonderful connection: r/LegalNews – With 3.3k members, r/legalnews is much smaller than its brother r/law, but can also feel more intimate. The content is oriented towards the United States and focuses more narrowly on current topics. r/BestOfLegalAdvice – highlights funny, boring, or just plain strange threads on other rights-related subreddits, with a strong bias against legal advice subprojects. r/LegalAdviceUK – With 73,7,000 members, this is the place on Reddit for Britons, Scots, residents of Northern Ireland and other UK residents to ask simple legal questions. r/LawSchool – For current and former law school Redditors, r/lawschool is an open discussion subreddit for law students. With over 100,000 members, it is a very active community that offers a healthy mix of practical questions, advice and humour. For legal help in Canada, visit r/legaladvicecanada. / For legal help in Canada, visit r/legaladvicecanada. This post doesn`t talk about that – the landlord comes to my new home two to three times a day like clockwork and walks down the street.

I set up cameras to capture this. They try to come when my life goes to work, when I go to work or when we get home. They say strange things when we go out while they`re there: “You don`t deserve this house”, “Your lawn is ugly”. And other “fuck yous”. They will immediately call the police, even if I don`t say anything with a fabricated story. Every time they come, I have a video, they watch it and say, “That`s not what they said, it happened” or “I had a different expectation of how it happened when I talked to them.” – The police are not helpful and mostly give advice on the fact that it is petty and that we must continue. I would, but all I do is leave my own home. I could ask a simple question like, “Would I stand a chance if I took my neighbor to court over this property dispute?” And they came back with, “Are you the stupidest person ever? Even if it were illegal, what would you do to STOP them? You`re not a police officer, so there`s nothing you can do! You just have to get up with your boots and rely on the snowflake, life is, maybe it will be a lesson for you. For a more relaxed and humorous meta-discussion about “legal” advice offered elsewhere on Reddit, and posts here, please visit Bestoflegaladvice.

Edit: although I wonder if they would have understood it if it hadn`t been reddit. I am not even sure that lawyers in my area of expertise are allowed to discuss the fact that a particular person has come to them for legal advice. This would have been privileged if he hadn`t revealed it online. r/LegalAdvice – With an impressive 1.2 million members, r/legaladvice is “a place to ask simple legal questions and get explanations of legal concepts.” With questionable advice based on extremely limited factual models, the subreddit is effectively a pulse of the multitude of legal issues that Reddit users encounter in their daily lives. However, your conflict of interest is good. I am not really sure that there is a good way to deal with this problem, other than that lawyers refuse to give information in cases similar to the ones they are currently working on. However, this is difficult because there will be a lot of basic general questions and those seeking advice usually don`t give you any personal information. r/Paralegal – A open discussion subreddit for paralegals and truly a wonderful place to see life through the lens of people who work closely with lawyers every day. There are plenty of helpful tips for (potential) paralegals, and the jokes resonate with lawyers of all kinds. If you think a situation will turn into an argument or lawsuit, you should contact a lawyer for advice. An hour of a lawyer`s time before a lawsuit begins can save you several thousand dollars after a lawsuit begins.