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To my delight, this guide has proven its weight in gold. Therefore, I absolutely intend to make several additional purchases of various comparative legal guides from your company during the year. John F. Martin – Senior Counsel, GE Energy Global Risk & Receivables COE In today`s fast-paced world, it`s more important than ever to have a legal partner who understands all aspects of your business and uses technology to move you forward efficiently and decisively. As one of the largest legal services networks by geographic coverage – with over 3,600 lawyers in over 90 territories and entity governance and compliance in over 140 territories for EGC – we have the right people in the right places when you need them. We have a long history of presence in the Middle East and have 60 lawyers and lawyers based and practicing throughout the region. Innovation, technology and efficiency for the future legal function As a member of PwC`s global network, we bring our networked expertise in legal knowledge, business understanding and technological innovation to focus on your future and discover new opportunities. Our award-winning legal team works across multiple disciplines to help clients unlock value across their organization while protecting their employees and organizations. Whatever your business project, we have the right people with the right expertise to meet your business needs across 11 disciplines, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate and trade consulting, restructuring, corporate governance, fintech, data protection, immigration and employment.

As well as specialists from the energy and real estate industry. The resulting synergies also result in significant time and cost savings compared to purchasing legal services from third parties. Our award-winning legal team in the Middle East is well versed in regional cultures, languages, laws and business processes, providing delivery standards expected of a high-end international law firm. PwC Legal is PwC`s network law firm and is now firmly established in the Middle East. PwC operates in 221 countries around the world and the immigration network operates in 161 countries with more than 1000 employees specializing in immigration. We are here to help our clients solve complex problems and not just the legal aspects of those problems. For every problem your business faces, we bring together the right mix of PwC lawyers, consultants, negotiation advisors, financial advisors, accountants, strategists and engineers to help you develop a solution as efficiently as possible. This gives you access to a team that can address all aspects of the problem and lead to better outcomes for your business. Businesses need legal services that provide certainty in times of disruption, help them think differently, quickly identify opportunities and risks, and provide clear guidance on how to respond. They need a legal partner who uses technology to make smarter, faster decisions, and who understands their business and how it is evolving.

Our lawyers collaborate in an integrated manner with other PwC experts. Essentially, this means that our clients receive better, integrated and holistic legal advice in addition to our other professional services. Unlike external lawyers, our lawyers are able to see the big picture and, therefore, better meet the requirements of our clients. PwC is the only professional services firm in the region that can offer truly integrated legal services as part of its expanded offering. Data subjects or groups of data subjects whose personal data are processed:. Emaar Square, Building 4Level 8, P.O. Box 11987 Dubai United Arab Emirates. The second is to achieve sustainable results in an environment where competition and the risk of disruption are more intense than ever, and where societal expectations have never been greater. Companies need to change faster and more profoundly to attract capital, talent and customers. Too often, however, narrowly designed transformation initiatives do not produce the results they promise. A new approach is needed.

The first is to build trust, which has never been more important or challenging. Organizations increasingly need to gain trust in a variety of issues that are important to their stakeholders. Success depends on fundamental changes in the mindset, organizational culture, systems and ambitions of leaders. List of jurisdictions to which personal data may be transferred: As a solver community with 7,000 employees in the region, we bring the right combination of people, technology and specialist skills, from strategy to consulting and consulting, to tax and commercial services, to solve the region`s most pressing challenges. Next settlement date June 16, 2023 due no later than June 30, 2023 Unit 01, Level 8, Currency House – Tower 1, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, , United Arab Emirates Middle Eastern businesses and governments are constantly adapting to change and uncertainty as a way of life. Legal Officer| Corporate Manager at PwC Legal Middle East. PwC is everything to you. Whether you`re just starting out or you`re a seasoned professional, your future starts here.

Keep up to date with our latest news and articles on hot topics and watch the latest TV and radio interviews with PwC experts. Our strategy, The New Equation, addresses the two most fundamental needs facing customers and organizations today. There are no articles about this company in our database yet. By submitting your email address, you confirm that you have read the Privacy Policy and agree to our data processing in accordance with the Privacy Policy (including international transfers). If at any time you change your mind when you wish to receive information from us, you can send us an e-mail via the contact page. Description of the class of personal data processed: Family Business Legal Leader, PwC Legal Middle East We work with you to understand your business goals and unlock the value of the diversity of thoughts, skills and experiences that come with our integrated service offering to help you navigate the changing and complex business world. We offer holistic solutions to economic and social problems. DNFBP: Designated non-financial entities and professions Next accounts created before June 30, 2022 due March 31, 2023 Phone: UAE:+971 (0) 50 358 6134 | Tel.

KSA: +966 (0) 56 578 8885 ⚠ Report abuse To notify the Law Society of any inappropriate or offensive content posted on Find a Lawyer, please visit our Contact Us page. Our raison d`être is our raison d`être. Our values determine our behavior. While technical excellence is at the heart of everything we do, the global scale of our business, the way we have embraced technology, and our market knowledge set us apart from traditional law firms in providing integrated service to our clients.