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Attendance cost (CoA) is the total estimated amount you need to spend each year to go to school. Unlike tuition, the CoA includes expenses such as rent, food, and insurance. In addition to four LLM programs (Climate Chance, Environmental Law, Comparative Law, and Real Estate Law), Pace offers six joint degrees: a J.D./M.B.A., J.D./Master of Public Administration and J.D./B.S. or J.D./B.A. at Pace University, a JD/MA in Women`s History with Sarah Lawrence College, a JD/MS in Environmental Policy with Bard College`s Center for Environmental Policy, and a J.D. and a master`s degree in environmental management from Yale University`s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Two of the LLM degrees, LLM in Real Estate Law and LLM in Environmental Law, can also be concluded as joint degrees with the JD. Finally, the school offers a doctorate in environmental law. The Financial Aid Office helps students receive a comprehensive financial aid package that includes a combination of needs-based assistance and merit-based bursaries. We are here to make law schools affordable. Pace Law strives to provide a law school to every student accepted into our degree programs, regardless of their current financial situation.

Pace Law is committed to supporting students with financial need as much as possible. We also recognize students with superior academic achievements. Most students receive a comprehensive financial aid program that includes a combination of needs-based assistance and merit-based scholarships. Students who are accepted into Pace Law are automatically considered for a number of Pace-sponsored scholarships. However, additional steps are needed to get help from other sources. Financial aid based on merit or financial need is available to students enrolled at Pace Law from a variety of sources, including Pace University, federal and state governments, and private sources in the form of scholarships, scholarships, grants, and loans. Our Grant 101 page is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of your financial support options and general tips on how to apply. Pace Law School – Turning Law Students into Awesome Lawyers LSD Law Rank #142 LSAC Guide How to Learn How to Pass a Law Exam Law School Success – A Unique Perspective The Law School Loan Guide Fee Waiver Guide Pace Law was founded in 1976 and benefits from its network of more than 9,000 alumni worldwide. Pace Law offers flexible full-time and part-time planning options with the option to pursue a master`s degree in environmental law (including the first course on climate change and land use and land sustainability in the country). a Master of Laws in comparative law studies; and a doctorate in environmental law. The school is part of Pace University, a comprehensive, independent and diverse university with campuses in New York City and Westchester County.

Pace University has a class size of 312 and an efficiency of 30.47%. 301 of the 988 admitted applicants accepted, meaning that 30.47% of those offered admission attended the school. In 2021, U.S. News & World Report ranked Law School at #139. [2] The information on this page was provided by the Faculty of Law. Pace Law has experiential education programs in place to ensure students gain a variety of advocacy skills during law school. Our first-year legal skills program provides first-year students – in small groups of approximately 22 students – with the basic legal skills of legal research, case synthesis and analysis, as well as informative and persuasive writing. Our highly trained team of legal librarians teach students how to conduct print and electronic research using state-of-the-art technology and electronic databases. The first-year experience culminates at the end of the program`s second semester with the Louis V. Fasulo First-Year Moot Competition, where students write an appellate brief and argue before a panel of distinguished judges. Pace Law is located on a 12-acre campus in downtown White Plains.

The campus combines the beauty of open spaces, classic buildings and the comfort of modern technology. Our campus offers wireless network access, technologically advanced classrooms, modern housing and dining options. Free parking and outdoor tennis, volleyball and basketball courts are available to all students. Pace Law School is a law school located in White Plains, New York City. The school was ranked 142nd by USNWR in 2022. The annual enrolment at Pace Law School is approximately 312. Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University Admissions Office 78 North Broadway White Plains, NY 10603 Telephone: 914-422-4210 Email: Pace Law`s international programs allow students to study for a semester or even a full academic study abroad at some of the top law schools in Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America.