Nsw Legal Practitioners Roll

Certificates of Practice for Lawyers Issued or Renewed by the Law Society of New South Wales Practising Lawyers` Certificates issued or renewed by the New South Wales Bar Association The Law Council of Australia (LCA) develops professional rules, rules of legal practice and CPD rules for lawyers The Australian Bar Association (ABA) develops a code of professional conduct, Rules of Legal Practice and CPD Rules for Lawyers The Conseil des services juridiques makes the rules of professional conduct developed by the ACA and the ABA, the rules of legal practice and the CPD on uniform rules for the legal professions. www.courts.act.gov.au/supreme/practitioners/admissions The directory also contains information on accredited specialists in New South Wales (who may be from other Australian states and territories as well as New South Wales) and may include intergovernmental lawyers who have an office in New South Wales. New Zealand practitioners are subject to special requirements under the Trans-Tasmanian Mutual Recognition Act 1997 (Cth). Applications for admission must be made to the Supreme Court of the state or territory in which you wish to practice. Please note that the practitioners listed are members of the Law Society of NSW, who have indicated that they are also mediators. We do not collect information about their qualifications. The Law Society of NSW therefore recommends that you check the qualifications and suitability of the mediator for your case before engaging him. We recommend that you contact more than one mediator before making a decision. The Australian Bar Association does not offer full membership or associated membership to foreign lawyers. Solicitor, jurist, Australian solicitor, solicitor, solicitor, supervisor, Queen`s Counsel or senior advocate LPAB provides the following services: maintains lists of lawyers and notaries, administers student examinations, processes applications for admission to the bar, appointment as a notary public, registration as a law student, assesses the qualifications and experience of New South Wales or intergovernmental or intergovernmental or intergovernmental candidates or foreign countries for admission to the profession, accredits LLA programs and practical legal education courses in New South Wales, provides certificates, diplomas, academic records and other documents, and the Council also provides application forms, information brochures and advice on its services. www.lawsociety.com.au/ www.nswbar.asn.au/ www.lawcouncil.asn.au/ www.austbar.asn.au/ www.legalservicescouncil.org.au/ The New South Wales Legal Services Commissioner investigates complaints and may adjudicate consumer and disciplinary complaints concerning unsatisfactory professional conduct (but not professional misconduct) and impose sanctions or order appeals.

The Commissioner may delegate the investigation of complaints to the NSW Law Society or the NSW Bar Association. Complaints of unsatisfactory professional conduct may be referred to the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Court (and complaints of professional misconduct must be forwarded) for disciplinary, compensation and other orders. An NCAT decision recommending removal from the list is referred to the Supreme Court. Contact information for some lawyers is not published here. Please contact the Law Society of NSW Registry on 02 9926 0156 or by email if you cannot find the lawyer or law firm you are looking for. Commercial use of this information is prohibited and is subject to our Terms of Use. Please read the Law Society`s Privacy Policy. Copy and paste a formatted citation or use one of the links to import it into a bibliography manager. The Legal Profession Admission Board (LBAB) of New South Wales is responsible for determining and approving the admission of lawyers and appointment as notaries. The Council also registers law students who obtain a law degree upon successful completion of the Council`s examinations and who meet the academic requirements for admission to the Bar.