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Lex Humanitariae: Journal for a Change (ISSN: 2582-5216) is a non-annual peer-reviewed international legal journal that aims to provide a platform for authors` original work through an open access system to affirm the importance and multidisciplinary approach of law. The principles of care, accuracy and impartiality guide the journal towards a dual objective: to publish a journal that is of value to lawyers and to provide students with valuable pedagogical knowledge. The Lex Humanitariae is not limited to the field of publication and has been pushed into various areas of legal interest. The organizers are not responsible for technical errors in the quiz contest entry or connection/device errors during the quiz. Moot Court competitions, client consultations, quizzes, seminars, group discussions and outreach conferences, etc. are regularly part of the Institute`s academic calendar. The Institute`s Legal Aid Clinic, which provides free legal services to economically weaker segments of society as part of the Institute`s community outreach program, also offers students the opportunity to coordinate with practicing lawyers. Please send your questions to – The Law Communicants is a legal technology platform for law students and aspiring lawyers. Our goal is to build a bridge between students, lawyers and academic scientists.

We also publish articles, blogs, judgments and expert opinions from seasoned lawyers. It is a 360° legal technology platform – about academics, professions and opportunities. The team also works with various legal and academic institutions across the country to gather and share knowledge. Lex Humanitarian is pleased to present the third part of one of the most popular legal quiz contests. The 3rd National Legal Quiz Word Contest will be held on February 6, 2022. The Society for Quiz is a constituent society of the University Institute of Legal Studies, University of Punjab, Chandigarh. Society owes its existence to the important role that quizzes play in the learning process. Considering how promising quizzes are in terms of broadening its own horizons of knowledge and improving the efficiency of the mind, the company dedicates itself throughout the year to organizing various types of quiz questions, both online and offline. In order to keep the competitive spirit alive, the company does not aim to limit itself to its home institution, but also to reach students throughout the country. In addition, the company believes in the potential of a quiz as an activity to raise awareness and is also free in the choice of topics for quizzes and is not limited to the topics of the law. T3.

Which of the following laws regulates legal services in the country? All questions in the quiz are asked as multiple choice questions (MCQs). One of India`s oldest universities, the University of Punjab (PU), founded in Lahore in 1882, has a long tradition of teaching and research in the fields of science and technology, humanities, social sciences, performing arts and sports. The glorious traditions of the university, born in more than 138 years of service to the nation, are a source of inspiration for the current generation of faculty members and students. The University of Punjab ranks 2nd in the Atal Index of Institutions on Innovation Achievements (ARIIA) among Indian universities declared by the Ministry of Education of the Government of India in 2020. It was ranked 4th among Indian institutes/universities by the international ranking agency, Times Higher Education (WUR) in 2019-2020. He won the prestigious Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (MAKA) Trophy for the best overall sports performance among Indian universities for two consecutive years 2018-19 and 2019-20. The university campus covers an area of 550 acres (2.2 km2) in sectors 14 and 25 of Chandigarh city. The university has 78 teaching and research departments and 15 teaching and research centres/chairs on the main Chandigarh campus. Q5. Which authority provided free legal aid? Participants who sign up for the quiz via the Google signup form will receive a confirmation email from us.