N400 Evidence Documents

Do not submit unnecessary documents. The instructions on Form N-400 clearly indicate which documents must be submitted as photocopies of the originals. If you submit original copies of documents that USCIS did not specifically request or request, you may not recover them because USCIS may destroy them immediately upon receipt. To qualify under this provision, it is important to provide proof that your spouse has been a U.S. citizen for at least three years and continues to be a U.S. citizen. Examples of acceptable evidence include a photocopy of your spouse: Naturalization is the process by which an immigrant to the United States applies for U.S. citizenship. In addition to the N-400 naturalization petition, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires certain supporting documents. This guide serves as a document checklist for the naturalization process. Applying for U.S.

citizenship can be complicated. ImmigrationHelp.org can help you prepare your citizenship documents for free with our easy online application. Read on to learn more. Here is a complete list of required documents. In addition to the marriage certificate, you must provide evidence corroborating the authenticity of the marriage. In general, this can be proven more effectively with documents showing that you have combined your finances, lived together continuously, and had children together (if any). Would you like a FREE checklist with the documents you need to upload? Enter your email address below to receive your copy! Thank you for sharing your email address! Check your inbox for your checklist. GET LOADING CHECKLIST. Success! Loading error ? GET THE CHECKLIST. Success! Errors ? In addition to the above documents, which must be submitted with your Form N-400, you must also bring the following documents to your naturalization interview: Anyone applying for a U.S. The citizen must complete Form N-400.

However, Form N-400 alone is not sufficient. You must gather the necessary supporting documents according to the situation of each applicant. These documents, naturalization documents, are, for example, documents proving the nationality of the spouse, green card, marriage certificate, driver`s license, birth certificate, etc. Find out what supporting documents are required and fill out Form N-400. Many people get nervous when it`s finally time to attend their U.S. citizenship interview, and fear can lead to forgetting. To avoid leaving an important piece of evidence at home when you go to your N-400 interview, it may be helpful to keep your documents in a safe place. If you have changed your name, you must provide proof of the legal name change. To determine if this applies to you, take a look at your current green card. If your current legal name is different from the one on your green card, you will need to submit documents. Examples of acceptable documents: Use only black ink. USCIS is very specific about the color of the ink used to fill out an application, which is why it`s best to fill out the form electronically and then print it, or use a service like Boundless that prints all your forms and compiled documents exactly the way the government prefers it (learn more about our services.

If you decide to fill out your application by hand, make sure you use the correct ink color to avoid delays. If you have visited outside the United States or have been travelling for more than 6 months after becoming a permanent resident, send proof that you continue to have ties to the United States, for example: Review your Form N-400 before filing it. It is important to ensure that all your answers are correct and that all supporting documents are attached to your application before sending your documents to the U.S. government. Missing information or documents may delay processing. Even worse, it could result in a rejection of your application — based on a new USCIS policy that raises the stakes for filling out immigration applications for the first time — meaning you`ll have to start the process all over again and pay the filing fee a second time.