Moj Legal Aid Templates

An API to verify financial eligibility for legal aid Family and Civil Legal Aid Application Form [PDF, 3.6 MB] Word templates are not tested on Mac computers. In Word 2007 and 2010, you can find legal aid forms under Add-ins on your toolbar in Microsoft Word. If you are a professional who works with victims of domestic violence and have been asked to provide evidence for a legal aid application, please use the sample letter below to respond. Form 4 Non-fixed fees for legal aid in criminal matters [PDF, 338 KB] The laa-apply-for legal aid system is a web-based service that allows lawyers who offer legal aid to submit legal aid applications online. It shall seek clarification of the applicant`s means (income and capital) and the merits of the case and shall decide whether or not legal aid may be granted and, if so, the application shall be submitted by . Use these letters to ask for documents from the police, courts and other authorities that will help you get legal help. You can download the Word templates as a single package and install them on your computer. Review the following technical requirements before you start downloading the Word template package. Word Template Pack – Version 17.2(external link) Criminal Assignment Preference Form [PDF, 655 KB] Form 14 Waitangi Tribunal Proceedings [PDF, 837 KB] Form 41 Family Legal Aid Fixed Fees: Protection of Personal and Property Rights [PDF, 382 KB] Form 30 Fixed Family Law Legal Aid Costs: Adoption [PDF, 366 KB] Important: Once you have installed the forms on your computer, do not move them. When you run Microsoft Word, it looks for them in the location that you selected when you ran Setup.

Surtax Certificate [PDF, 148 KB] Review of Form 17 [PDF, 392 KB] These forms are available in PDF format for downloading, saving to your computer or printing and using it as a pre-printed form. Form 26 Fixed Costs H-I (Court of Appeal and Supreme Court) [PDF, 283 KB] Form 42 Victim Orders Against Violent Offenders [PDF, 416 KB] Increased litigation experience [PDF, 712 KB] A place for the core work of the modernization platform • This repository is defined and managed in Terraform. Template repository. For a documentation site tech-docs-template published via github pages Form 32 Family Legal Aid Fixed Fees: Child Care/Guardianship – for matters prior to March 31, 2014 [PDF, 374 KB]. Module to automate patching to ec2 instances in each account • This repository is defined and managed in Terraform A Go Lambda function to stop and start instances, RDS resources, and autoscaling groups • This repository is defined and managed in Terraform`s View Court Data web application to display data from the HMCTS common platform. A Github “template” repository from which new MoJ repositories can be created with the organization`s default values. You can use any of these sample letters to request proof. In earlier versions of Word, the menu bar appears on a ribbon just below the File menu and toolbar. Form 22 Police Detention Legal Assistance Scheme (PDLA) Reporting Form [PDF, 298 KB]. The download time may take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes depending on your internet connection. Form 24C Fixed Fee D-F [PDF, 365 KB] [PDF, 348 KB] We verified that the organization`s Department of Justice controls the domain: You need at least Windows XP or later and Microsoft Office Word 2003 or later for support (Microsoft no longer supports earlier versions).

Form 48 Child Workers Exemption Appeals [PDF, 372 KB]. Form 11 Request for Reconsideration [PDF, 496 KB] A microservice to manage the calendar of prison visits. Form 44 Industrial Relations Authority – Fixed Fees [PDF, 372 KB] Although these forms have been completed using anti-virus software, the Department does not guarantee that they are virus-free. The Department is not responsible for any damages, losses or other consequences arising from the receipt or use of these forms. Information and forms on legal land reserves and royalties.