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Global Entrepreneurship Summit

WIIS-HOA president, Ms. Fauziya Abdi Abdi, speaks about empowering women to counter violent extremism with the President of the United States during the POTUS’s hallmarked visit to Kenya. The video belongs solely to the White House and WIIS Global does not own or claim the rights to this video.


WIIS – TALKS is a project aimed at inspiring and motivating young people from Kenya through use of role models who have successfully championed positive ideas and initiatives within society. The activity is carried out through use of symposiums where identified speakers provide a continuous story format presentation of their topic, to inspire young people […]

A Kenyan Approach to Preventing Violent Extremism

By Fauziya Ali International actors from the United Nations to the European Union are increasingly recognizing the role of women and women’s organizations in efforts to counter and prevent violent extremism. Still, much of the international debate focuses on the small number of women who join violent extremist groups, rather than the women who prevent violent extremist groups […]